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IFBB Pro Athlete (Men's Physique)

Andrea Miggiano




Year Federation Contest name Class Place
2022 IFBB Pro League Tsunami Nutrition Italy Pro Men's Physique 7
2022 IFBB Pro League Arnold Classic UK Pro Men's Physique 8
2022 IFBB Pro League Yamamoto Nutrition Pro Men's Physique 6
2021 IFBB Pro League Mr. Big Evolution Portugal Pro Men's Physique 10
2020 IFBB Pro League Europa Pro Men's Physique 6
2019 IFBB Pro League San Marino Pro Men's Physique 2
2019 NPC Worldwide Kai Greene Pro Qualifier Men's Physique - class E 1
2019 NPC Worldwide Olympia Amateur Portugal Men's Physique - class D 2
2019 NPC Worldwide Amateur Olympia Spain Men's Physique - class D 2
2018 NPC Worldwide Ben Weider Classic San Marino Men's Physique - up to 180 cm 5
2018 NPC Worldwide Bari Pro Qualifier Men's Physique - up to 180 cm 1
2017 NPC Worldwide Amateur Olympia San Marino Men's Physique - class D 2